A salesperson who bends you over and fucks you in the ass. Then steals your money.
Listen, if you really aren't interested, I can hand you over to Frank who can give you further assistance with the sale.
by PGlynn October 15, 2006
A teenage boy who has the most amazing computer skills known to man. He can be recognized by his steamy passion for Call of Duty 4,his huge porn collection, and a cock the size of an anaconda. He is usually of Italian descent and always has great food in his house.
Hey, frank, why don't you come over to my house, fix my computer and we can look at porn together?
by chaloodle16 January 22, 2008
The really hot and sexy dork. The one that all Asians love. He is the shit. All guys hate him because he is to good for them. Not a pot head, but will do pot every so often. Girls love him, Especially Asians. Has a big penis, just what the girls like.
All the girl want to fuck him.
Your such a Frank.
by SexiiDork October 19, 2009
The creepy, yet sexy, giant demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko.
"Omg. Look. There's Frank! The creepy, yet sexy, giant demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko!"
by ultimatekai July 16, 2006
(adjective): Honest or direct; Without euphemism.

(noun): A man who possesses tremendous variety of obscure knowledge or skill but does not display them frequently, thereby continuously surprising even close friends with his abilities.
" Hey man.... I didn't know your accountant brother could hot-wire a car!"
" Yeah. He's a Frank alright!"

" Anyone know where I can find a decent Taco in Hong Kong?"
" Hold on... Let me call my friend Frank in New York. He would know"
by maindefiner February 04, 2010
frank is the awesomest immortal being ever to roam the universe. He can do anything with his magical powers and large member.
That guy is immortal, his name must be Frank
by coffeedestroyer264 March 17, 2010
The Best/Worst wingman in the history of the world.....he will either accidently take the chick your after or whatever he doesn't take home you get, and his leftovers are like 7 course meals. He has command of all things that woman are into; humor, vast knowledge of chick flicks, command of the full fall line up of the WB, and rugged good looks.
"Sweet, Frank is here I'm taking some nice leftovers home tonight."
by Shanksy May 05, 2008
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