An extremely popular highschool supermodel with long lucious blonde hair and a nicely built tan body. Classified as every woman's "dream man" and written about in romance novels.
"If you could marry any man in the world, who would you choose?"

by ~~~~twinkletwinkle~~~ November 20, 2011
A fun or funny incident. Also can be a reference to having a great time, specifically used for partying or while drunk.
1. Yo, lets hurry up and pound this skyy vodka so we can go make some franks with those shixas.

2. I heard he hooked up with the ugliest girl ever last night, what franks.
by makefranksallday July 21, 2011
An expensive, high end pair of 4 wheeled quad style roller skates. Typically, NOT used to describe roller blades / inline skates.
Throw on your franks and lets shuffle!
by Juice350 June 06, 2011
to break, smash or ruin something. Or to strike, hit, punch, poke or fist....Even sometimes to take, steal, or have in a sexual way... the end result being... whatever it is that has been subjected to the frank, is now useless...

prob originated in the british postal service, where stamps were franked rendering them used and now useless and invalid.
"boy i'm gonna frank you up the side of the head!"
"that girl is so gorgeous, im gonna frank her silly."
by garybaldy69 May 17, 2011
Someone who is very promiscuous, derived from the Frank's Red Hot Sauce slogan.
Mark: "Man, Dani is Frank's."

Steve: "Yeah dude, she's puts that shit on EVERYONE!"
by GoldenButterflyBaby July 03, 2010
A person, usually male (?), who tends to behave very much like a parrot. They don't have their own opinions and love to follow the crowd.

Characteristics: loud, weird, twitchy, freak, crazy, db.
Person 1: Yo, it's Frank!
Frank: Yo, it's FRANK!!!!!!
by GGnoRe April 08, 2014
Originally a nice guy but once large amounts of alcoholic drinks have been consumed, he turns into a big douchy frat guy. Any girl in sight becomes prey.
Friend 1: Did you see Johny drunk last night?

Friend 2: yes ! He was acting like a Frank though.
by JoRogen November 27, 2013
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