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a long,windy fart,often consisting of several notes,of various lengths and pitches,that may almost seem to 'speak'.
based of course on Peter Frampton's talking guitar,and noteriety for long,trailing songs. the frampton is the predescessor of the brampton;that being a long, turbulent dump without interupption,and with varying range of sounds.
"to my shock and embarrassment,my melodic frampton gave way to a violent brampton that rang out in the public washroom."
by travis pitts January 08, 2004
An alternative to the F-bomb, or when extremely irate, may be combined with "Peter Freakin'" to create the ultimate non-swear.
Sheite Muslims! I just dropped that Peter freakin Frampton wrench on my toe!
by skarch August 13, 2004
A very dry shit that is hard to pass.
That shit was such a frampton. It was like I was shitting out sandpaper.
by Juts December 30, 2011
(verb) The act of demolishing an obnoxious person's cell phone, in honor of rocker Peter Frampton, who recently demolished a fan's cell phone onstage after repeated requests to stop taking unauthorized video of his concert.
"If you don't put that phone away right now, I'm gonna Frampton it!"

"Dude wouldn't put his phone away, so it got Framptoned!"
by ljgtx August 07, 2014
The act of jizzing into a womens hand and then letting her use your jizz as lube to jerk you off.
Guy 1: Dude my girl gave me a frampton last night it was amazing.
Guy 2: Your lucky my girl said she would never do that to me.
by poofrog August 12, 2011
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