3 definitions by skarch

a stink pickle is a good solid bowel movement, a turd, a loaf

See also stink relish
Dude, I just dropped the biggest stink pickle, it stuck out of the water a good two inches
by skarch August 31, 2004
Similar to a stink pickle, except a liquid turd, diahrea, etc.
Dang, I knew I shouldn't ahve eaten that Alsups burrito, I just shot stink relish all over the bathroom wall, its even in my socks!
by skarch August 31, 2004
An alternative to the F-bomb, or when extremely irate, may be combined with "Peter Freakin'" to create the ultimate non-swear.
Sheite Muslims! I just dropped that Peter freakin Frampton wrench on my toe!
by skarch August 13, 2004

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