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Inconvenient or terrible situation
I was in a frag all Friday
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
another way to say the F word
Go FRAG yourself. you person.
by gene March 15, 2005
To kill or elminate another player in a video game, usually of the first person shooter genre. First appeared in the video game "Doom".
I need to frag him one more time to win this round!
by Derick March 05, 2005
1. (v) To lob a Grendae, usually a fragmentation or "Frag" grenade.

2. (n) A fragmentation grenade.
1."I was played CS the other day and I fragged a bunch of n00bs."

2."Hey, do you know where I can buy a Frag Grenade?
by NeonicEinstein January 24, 2005
to segment, chop up, divide (as if to plan a konquering.
we will arrive, we will frag, we will bury the pieces!
by babycakes November 10, 2003
Frag is short for Fragmentation
duh, some noobs seem to think it means something else NO it is short for fragmentation (grenades?) that produce shrapnel!
by AAA July 14, 2004
1. To kill another player in a first-person shooter game. (archaic; see owned, pwned, pwnt)

2. To kill a person in real-life combat, esp. by friendly fire.
Frag or be fragged.
by kk November 28, 2003
To be out of luck, screwed.
If I fail this test, I'm fragged.
by Shawn B. March 31, 2003