1. To kill another player in a first-person shooter game. (archaic; see owned, pwned, pwnt)

2. To kill a person in real-life combat, esp. by friendly fire.
Frag or be fragged.
by kk November 28, 2003
in the participle form "fragged" can also mean frazzled, out of order, powered out
Man, I am so fragged, I can't even walk my ass home anymore.
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
A 58 year old man that lives in a planned community andgoes to internet chat rooms to try to fit in with teenagers.
Old man, Ancient one
by Scott Andrews June 11, 2005
one who is incompetent a moron based on the example of a very bad gamer
dude dont be a frag learn to play
by Deep-Six August 08, 2005
Frag originating from an ancient cowfoldian lord, boysie, can be defined as wearing camp clothing or generally showing camp orientation
an example of this would be to say, 'thats a bit of frag clothing your wearing edd barclay' or an extension of the word would be to say, 'look at u, u fragger'.The latter shares similarities with'oi oi sailor'
by Rich November 18, 2004
Inconvenient or terrible situation
I was in a frag all Friday
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
means living inside a cucoon of pure shite,to think you are someone your are not : to be gay : scouse slang for ladyboy
by take it April 07, 2003

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