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To release Gas, or passing wind from under. ie fart...
Aymen Kam fragged and the whole world died!!!
by chief in da house April 23, 2009
1 4
The Killing of another person in an online game, such as Bomberman Live,Halo,Call of Duty, pretty much any game Where you kill people.
Oh! Hell Yea! I just got 5 frags with 1 bomb! thats awsome!
by AnimeFreak1260 February 09, 2008
4 7
A non-censorable substitute for fuck used often in comics such as DC's Lobo as far back as 1983, RPGgames and in television shows such as the current sci-fi program Battlestar Galactica.
Dude, we are so fragged!
by suntostars September 17, 2005
13 16
How old people call killing people in games
Old guy: I was fragging
by The Groper September 15, 2006
7 11
To kill someone in a severe or cruel manner, a tactic used often by the comic book character Lobo.
One more word out of your mouth, and I'll frag ya to kingdom come.
by HurrikaneMatt June 23, 2004
20 24
A freak and a fag put together. A freakin fag. A frag.
That guy over there with the orange and blue sweat shorts and black wifebeater is such a frag!
by Mrs. Crumplebottom April 05, 2010
8 13
leftover or misplaced fragments of dried marijuana flakes
"Dude, there's frags under the grinder."
"Alabaster, stop dropping all of those frags!"
by therealbessy March 25, 2008
3 8