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To vomit or throw up upon on something. It's used as a less offensive word then throwing up or barfing. It's also barf spelled backwards.
Julia ate at the local bertos chain and frabbed allover bobby.
by ohmu September 16, 2005
To mount or wanting to mount someone
OMG!!! Do you see that boy over there, well I would frab him in a second.
by AloneOnTheStreet September 27, 2007
v. to eat.
n. munch (as in throw a munch)

(origin: barf spelled backwards and barf done backwards.--opposite action something coming up and out of your digestive system is something going down and in.)
1. n. Hey holmes, let's go throw a frab at Taco Bell.
2. v. My mom bought hella groceries last night, wanna frab here?
by Storm Florez July 19, 2006
labia - venus lips
As she squatted to pee on the high, high moor, the wind caught her frabs and toppled her o'er
by chumpflower December 16, 2003
it could mean puke
or you could use it as a curse
"I just frabbed on the floor"

"OH FRAB I lost my keys!
by Julia Foolia February 06, 2006
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