Four strikes in a row during bowling, especially Wii bowling.
After getting a turkey, The Dude scored a fourgy on Wii bowling.
by JasonAspen September 04, 2009
Top Definition
orgie with four people
fourgy with kerry, ben craig and craigs spandex
by Thomas Shakes April 10, 2006
Group sex with four people. A combination of the words "four" and "orgy."
Rob: "Did you have the sex last night with your girlfriend?"
Westley: "Dude, my girlfriend and I hooked up with another couple. We totally had a fourgy!"
by CrazyJay November 20, 2010
When you want to a foursome but they want an orgy but they are practically the same
Let's have a fourgy
by THEPINNAPPLE May 13, 2016
An orgy consisting of four people only. Other terms include foursome.
Person 1"hey guys, wanna head back to mine for a fourgy?"
Persons 1,2 and3" heck yeah!!!!"
by MrCool October 19, 2014
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