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a small town on the Olympic peninsula in Washington state in the USA, it is most commonly known as the setting of the worldwide bestselling "Twilight" series written by Stephenie Meyer.
This point of the world has a lot of precipitation.
i am going into Forks today
by lpm90 May 24, 2008
the name many people give the song "Baba O'Riley" by The Who it is a common misconception. The song has been covered by many bands such as pearl jam
Person #1: I love that song by Pearl Jam, Teenage Wasteland
Person #2: i think you mean the song Baba O'Riley by The Who, and Yes the sang is awesome
by lpm90 May 24, 2008
Term to describe the fanbase of the popular "Twilight" franchise on IMDb. These people post on the popular movie site everything twilight and have many off topic posts.
The group of mainly teenage girls do not necessarily like the twilight series but post there anyway.
This board because of the amount of teenagers and activity (many new posts and threads minutes and seconds apart) attracts trolls from various other boards.
I am a twIMDber
I am going on TwIMDb tonight
by lpm90 August 25, 2008
to sex someone is to have sex
this could be over the internet or in the physical aspect
it is a modern way of saying t have sex thid is the present pretense ie sexing
*laura sexes louise*
by lpm90 May 21, 2008
the most amazing phrase
a term of endearment
it shows your love for another and is effectively a loving phrase
this phenom is the most amazing thing ever
sex me now laura sex me now
by lpm90 May 21, 2008

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