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The foreskin prepuce is a retractable fold of skin that covers the bell end (glans) and PROTECTS it when the penis is not erect. Almost all mammals have foreskins.

Often viewed as ugly or unhygienic by circumcised men who somehow think a dry pink helmet is more attractive than a sheathed member, or uneducated american women who clearly have never heard of a daily hygiene regime ie washing.

Also attacked by religious peoples who overlook the fact that a) man was created in Gods image, which if taken to mean the physical form would strongly indicate God has a foreskin.... Is He unhygienic too?
b) If 'intelligent design' is an answer to darwinism is that a suggestion that God or other creator is a crap inventor when it comes to sexual organ engineering?
"wow how fortunate; my nice clean bell end is covered with a foreskin which not only protects it but is also thought to increase sexual pleasure for both partners by acting as a natural gliding stimulator of the vaginal walls during intercourse, increasing a woman's overall clitoral stimulation; arent I a lucky duck?"
by Bobolovski February 17, 2007
121 71
an extra portion of skin located at the tip of the uncircumcized penis; increases intercourse tenfold
by Sandaro Boucklembo March 09, 2003
2491 979
The best part of the penis!
I'm so glad I still have my foreskin!
by Levi June 11, 2004
2278 865
Now outdated by the new fiveskin.
"Dude, your foreskin is so old, I've got a fiveskin."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
2113 770
The fleshy thing that hangs on the end of a penis. Not to be confused with a woman.
by x April 09, 2003
1960 861
the skin that covers your knob when its soft and moves back when you get a hardon.
The foreskin was covering my limp dick!
by just nobody special June 08, 2004
1216 440
the extra flop of skin that lollops over the whole of the knob, very satisfying to twiddle
"so, what have you been doing all day?"
"ah you know, twiddling my foreskin"
by guzzly et al April 05, 2005
1074 327
the best thing any male can have

good in masturbation, sex and dicking around

good 4 ten cent trick
pull 4skin bac and tri 2 put and many 10c coinz in their az possibly az told 2 mi bi matt
by Mr-X May 28, 2005
1089 493