foreskins are bad only dirty street trash have them
fore skin is so old its rotten dude it sucks foreskin
by anuslicker09-1 November 07, 2007
A dairy farm specialising in ripe cheese, located in the pants of uncircumcised males.
"OOOOhhhh what is that f#$king smell?? Is that your foreskin?!?! Duuuuude, you need to get that sh!t pasteurized!"
by Cleansed July 10, 2008
the best thing any male can have

good in masturbation, sex and dicking around

good 4 ten cent trick
pull 4skin bac and tri 2 put and many 10c coinz in their az possibly az told 2 mi bi matt
by Mr-X May 28, 2005
Useless piece of male flesh. Discarding this person would have no ill effects. When the doctor/raabi circumsized this person as an infant they threw away the wrong piece of flesh, leaving the "foreskin" to roam the earth to annoy people.
John is such a foreskin! He is absolutely worthless
by JMSMD October 30, 2005
Now outdated by the new fiveskin.
"Dude, your foreskin is so old, I've got a fiveskin."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
a useless piece of diseased-laden skin that covers the otherwise attractive male penis head; the World Health Organization now recommends that the foreskin be cut off to prevent the male from getting AIDs because the moist, smegma-producing cells of the inner foreskin are very receptive to the HIV virus; educated males and smart parents remove the foreskin from the penis as quickly as possible to promote health and hygiene.
Hey, doc, I dont wanna get AIDs and shit, so please get this foreskin off me right away.
by Jason Corrigan June 17, 2008
The piece of skin hangind from the end of your knob piece.
"Ouch! I've got my foreskin stuck in a vice"
by Anonymous November 09, 2003

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