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Irregularly long foreskin.
My foreskin was long enough to be considered fiveskin
by Chodester July 16, 2003
Like foreskin, only better.
I'm so good I have fiveskin
by Tom The Loser January 26, 2005
when your foreskin is extreamly large, for example, howard sterns penis
aidan: man have you seen howard sterns penis?

jake: yea he has a five skin.. its gross. and he needs to shave his pubes.
aidan: i woulnt be talking....
by aidanaidan April 12, 2010
When a male participates in an abundance of intercourse and grows a callous around the shaft of his penis.
Sal went on his honeymoon this weekend, he came back with five skin.
by Tonyg019 November 14, 2013
a wrinky foreskin. a columbos mack
the doctor said the technical term for garys "situation" was a fiveskin
by raymond mcdowell December 05, 2003
When you pierce bits of metal through your penis so that it disfigures your foreskin in such a way that it is called a fiveskin instead
You heard about that Overture guy?
Yeah I hear he got himself a fiveskin
by Aliimaytte May 30, 2011
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