Healthy, normal part of the male penis.
If God wanted men to have foreskins, they'd be born with them.
by adamsmama22 January 16, 2007
An uncircumcized penis. IT is the skin over the head, called foreskin because it is extra skin i guess.
Charlie whipped out his penis in which revealed a foreskin and Al Wall said gross while marcus and alex were standing there.
by bobjosidey September 26, 2006
The skin around penis tip. very pleasurable for men during intercourse or masturbation.
i have fore skin on the tip of my penis.
Nature's tarp
My foreskin is all natural baby, it's nature's tarp!
by Drdude September 05, 2012
The useless skin around the vagina. No this is not a sexist joke.
Bill: Oh my lord, look at it! Its so flappy.. Too much foreskin woman!

by Mackwell November 23, 2011
The fleshy part at the end of a penis. Mostly nibbled by cockwhores.
Let me know when you get tired on my nibbling your Foreskin Sir!
by December 29, 2007
The fleshy piece of skin at the end of a male's penis. It is removed at birth in the Jewish and Muslim religions, and almost three quarters of American boys as well. It is rare in the United Kingdom.
When I was six years old my foreskin was removed. If I was in America this wouldn't be a problem. I want my foreskin back.
by The unknown guy October 11, 2007

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