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The fleshy part at the end of a penis. Mostly nibbled by cockwhores.
Let me know when you get tired on my nibbling your Foreskin Sir!
by December 29, 2007
67 78
uncut skin srounding the very tip of the penis also known as faggot's bubble gum.
dude i really need to do something about my foreskin its causing a massive jizz block in my urthera.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
47 61
The small cloth neck ornament of a French person
That's a beautiful foreskin it really matches your jacket
by JIMBO March 19, 2005
20 38
foreskin is what you yell out when playin penis golf right after you been swingin your 9 iron as a warning to others so they dont get hit when your balls are ready to let loose and fly
i was playin penis golf and swingin my 9 iron when i yelled out foreskin cause my women walked in front of me and i wanted to warn her that my balls were ready to fly
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 10, 2009
25 52
this flappy thing that i pull out during school and give a wack
quote kailan- my penis's 13cm erection is 90% foreskin
by zac September 21, 2003
158 188
cheese wrapping
Dude, that's serious CHEESE WRAPPING. A little fromunda is one thing, but dude, yank back that foreskin and start scrubbin.
by Wyeth October 01, 2009
60 92
1. Washington Redskin fans who try in vain to live up to the winning tradition of the Dallas Cowboys and always have an excuse for being losers. Whenever discussing recent losses to the Cowboys, foreskins always seem to bring up the classic “what have you done for me lately” excuse most often, and of course, bring up the infamous “Santana Moss” game. This is always the case, despite the fact that the (fore) skins have only managed to beat the Cowboys 4 times in the last 14 games over the last 7 years. Way to go (fore) skins!! You won a game, and you suck!!!

2. Foreskins is also synonymous with Redskins.

Since the Cowboys entered the league in 1960, the Cowboys have more super bowl wins (5) than the (fore) skins (3), and a better overall head-to-head record by 19 games (55-36-2). The Cowboys have won 19 division titles and 10 conference championships in the last 47 years, while the (fore) skins have been in the NFL since 1937 (wait, let me do the math for (fore) skin fan, that’s 70 years) and have just 12 division tiles and 5 conference titles. Foreskins refuse to face the reality that what started with a fight over a song has turned into their worst nightmare. Face it foreskins; the (fore) skins will never be better than the “Boys!!!!!

Foreskins suck!!!
Recent Conversation with foreskin:

Cowboy fan: Wow congrats on finally winning a frickin’ game against us by 2 points.

Foreskins fan: Yeah we own you.

CF: Whatever, you won 1 game.

FF: Yeah, but it was great and we won!

CF: But we’ve beat you like 10 out of the last 14 games.

FF: Santana Moss baby!!!

CF: You are such a foreskin!!
by Sam W, Cowboy Fan May 19, 2007
13 47