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Can be used instead of "are you serious?" usually when somebody does or says something stupid. Sometimes the person's name is added to the end: "for real Meeka?" Also accompanied by the "for real?" face characterized by the slight head tilt along with the lips scrunched and to the side
"I'm the tightest nigga to ever walk this earth"
"For real player?"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
Say this to show that you're in agreement with a statement someone has made.
Kitty: Crystal is a real bitch.
Kimmy: For real.
by JB September 26, 2003
are you serious
A. I Just won the lottery
B. For real?
by Anonymous January 04, 2003
california speak. means "for real?". an exclamation of surprise or shock.
guy #1: dude, i just got a new skateboard.

guy #2: for reals?!
by bumbleclod July 11, 2006
I'm serious. I'm not kidding.
You better not fuck with me... for real.

I will kick your ass... for real.

I'm for real.
by JB September 26, 2003
No kiddin'!
you shittin' me?!
won the Lotto yesterday
answer: For real?!

pronounce: FER real
by manu October 16, 2003
for real?

is dat true
::i won the lotto
::no, haha
by FOREALGurl August 26, 2003
are you serious?
for reals?
by steve December 28, 2002