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No kiddin'!
you shittin' me?!
won the Lotto yesterday
answer: For real?!

pronounce: FER real
by manu October 16, 2003
Like Sandals Except without a strap at the back and they have an upside down Y shape strap at the front going between the big toe and the second biggest toe.
British Flip flops or Aussie Thongs
by Manu September 25, 2003
Josh is a kind, loving, caring guy. He knows when he can crack a joke or when he needs to be serious. He has an unnatural obsession with Coheed and Cambria and Claudio Sanchez. He rocks the guitar and loves video games. He loves his girlfriend and never lets her forget it. He has super soft hair and always smells good. Also has a great dick and ass. He gives amazing kisses and the best hugs. Any girl is super lucky to date Josh.
"That guy over there is totally jamming to 2's My Favorite 1"

"Must be a Josh."
#joshua #joshie #brat #beast #sexy
by MaNu March 30, 2014
just to be l33t
be st0ni, be l33t.
by Manu March 12, 2003
someone who got awarded their brownwings.
got your brown wings last nite. you're now a fella wingcommander.
by manu October 16, 2003
super strong YES
that shirt's safe (see SAFE)

answer (if you strongly agree):
by manu October 16, 2003
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