1. Expression used in situations where you aren't "shitting" and are completely serious.

2. To agree.

1. Person : I just got booked man, for real!!

2. Person A: This assignment suck ass.

Person B: Yeah, for real!
1. Person : I just got booked man, for real!!

2. Person A: This assignment suck ass.

Person B: Yeah, for real!
by J.EllO November 19, 2009
Something actually happening , with no denying it to the point that one is rather shocked about the whole situation.
That's forreal!
by Luddz April 17, 2015
Can be used instead of "are you serious?" usually when somebody does or says something stupid. Sometimes the person's name is added to the end: "for real Meeka?" Also accompanied by the "for real?" face characterized by the slight head tilt along with the lips scrunched and to the side
"I'm the tightest nigga to ever walk this earth"
"For real player?"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
the conjunction of the words for and real, so that you're saying one word instead of "for real." usually used as a form of agreement or a form of exclaimed dismay.
jim: yo lets yost at stanley's place later
mike: forreals man... i've been wanting to get some yostin done

kelly: i'm pregnant.
by shroomzzz August 23, 2010
An easy and cool response to many typical everyday interjections that requires no preparation. Also can be used as a quick response to agree to awesomeness in general or just plain shittyness of a situation at work or in personal life.
Jerry says, "So glad I work for this company - they really take care of you, but all this work is making me lose time with my friends" Sally says to Jerry, "For-Reals. Shoot...I have no life now and I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.
by Kid Whit April 26, 2011
The exaggerated expression of either excitement, disbelief, disappointment, etc (context dependent) at hearing something new.
Hazan: There's gonna be a free music festival in central park this weekend!
Yumai: Omg for real?! I can't wait!


Hazan: Lua broke her toe and can't dance tomorrow night.
Yumai: Aw for real? That sucks!
by Ozla September 30, 2009
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