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Also prounounced "Pho Real?"

You can say anything to anyone, as long as you say it with a smile, and say Pho Real! afterwords and prop them.
Fred: Eric, you're a mung drinker doucebag, I hate you.

Eric: what?

Fred: Pho real! (props eric)
by Eric September 01, 2003
Say this to show that you're in agreement with a statement someone has made.
Kitty: Crystal is a real bitch.
Kimmy: For real.
by JB September 26, 2003
are you serious
A. I Just won the lottery
B. For real?
by Anonymous January 04, 2003
california speak. means "for real?". an exclamation of surprise or shock.
guy #1: dude, i just got a new skateboard.

guy #2: for reals?!
by bumbleclod July 11, 2006
I'm serious. I'm not kidding.
You better not fuck with me... for real.

I will kick your ass... for real.

I'm for real.
by JB September 26, 2003
No kiddin'!
you shittin' me?!
won the Lotto yesterday
answer: For real?!

pronounce: FER real
by manu October 16, 2003
for real?

is dat true
::i won the lotto
::no, haha
by FOREALGurl August 26, 2003
are you serious?
for reals?
by steve December 28, 2002