The sport originated in England in which you use your feet to kick a ball into a goal. This sport has nothing in common with American Football (see handegg.) It is the most played and watched sport in the world, but that is denied by some Americans who insist that baseball is indeed the world's game.
Wow, what a goal by Arsenal FC. Great football.
by ArsenalTilIDie November 22, 2010
A game where a bunch of grown men run around a field for 90 minutes. By the way it isn't a sport either, "running" at 5 mph does not show athleticism.
The football game is tonight.
by DC10 dude November 05, 2014
Football is the best sport in the history of man, not including wizarding sports like Quidditch. For U.S.A users, it's soccer. You kick a ball into a net, and shout and scream for the rest of the match because you scored.
Guy 1: Hey, I scored a goal in football today!
Guy 2: Well, I scored ten goals in my football match!
by old handle July 04, 2014
1. American football (I don't know why it's called football) is a sport played in many parts of the world, not just the US- though it originated there, and consists of two teams of eleven players with the objective of scoring points by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone by either throwing the ball to your teammates or running with it. THIS SPORT REQUIRES SKILL AND PLAYERS WEAR PADS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES BECAUSE IT IS A DANGEROUS SPORT.

2. Association football, also called soccer (formed by the third, fourth and fifth letters of the word association- so as to distinguish it from other forms of football), is a sport played in every country of the world and consists of eleven players on each team with the objective of putting the ball in the opposing teams goal using only your feet. THIS SPORT REQUIRES SKILL AND IS, IN MY OPINION, THE BEST SPORT EVER.

3.Rugby football- another sport called football. Honestly I don't know how to play this game, but I know it requires just as much skill as the above sports.

People need to shut up about which football is better and how Americans need to stop calling American football football cause it's not gonna happen. And Association football can be called football OR soccer and be correct both ways. And people who play American football are not wimps for wearing pads, they're protecting themselves from, oh I don't know, breaking their bones? Seriously just go out and play the damn sport you wanna play.
1. person 1: Hey you wanna go play some football?
Person 2: Yea I'm gonna score so many touchdowns today.

2. Person1: Hey you wanna go play some football (aka soccer)?
person 2: Yea, I've gotten so much better at shooting.

3. Person 1: Hey you wanna go play some football (aka rugby)?
person 2: Yea, let's go.. huddle... and stuff (Idk)
by soccerismylife August 12, 2011
Football means different things in different places. In the United States of America, it refers to American Football, which involves 11 padded players (the offense) attempting to bring an oblong ball into the oppenents endzone, whereas the other 11 players (the defense) try to stop this from happening while trying to cause a turnover (interception, recovered fumble) or make the offense go 3 and out; as 4 downs are given to the offense to advance 10 yards. If they do so, they are given 4 fresh downs. To see more, search American Football or click on the link provided.

Football elsewhere refers to what I and other Americans know as soccer; which involves 11 players on each team attempting to kick a checkered sphere into the opponents goal. Hands can only be used by the goalie, who can not leave the rectangle in front of their goal; other players must move the ball by kicking it or heading it. See other definitions on this page or search soccer for further explanation.

I love to play American Football, whether it is casually with friends or competitively with my school team. I however do not like competitive soccer, though I do like playing casually with friends. It is a matter of prefence, and will everyone stop bickering about which one is better? It is opinion, nothing else.
Fan: Football kicks soccer's f&*%ing ass! Soccer eats hairy balls.

Fan: Football kicks American football's f#$%ing ass! American football eats hairy balls.

Reasonable Person: Oh shut up, both of you idiots. They're both good sports.
by soccer, football, whatever April 14, 2010
A euphemism for getting high
We played football yesterday after school in Ryan's Buick
by Louis Rizzo February 10, 2012
A £ multi-billion industry based around 20 overpaid tribal heroes kicking a ball around, as in the grounds thousands of semi-evolved, illiterate grunting beasts attempt to kick the living shit out of eachother.

These Mongo Retardopithicus footballii are tribal creatures, easily regognised by their sloping forheads, prominant brow-ridges, shaven heads, vulgar and garish gold sovereign rings and the finest chunky gold chains that Argos can supply as well as their tribal war-paint.

They are a primitive people, who worship the Sun (especially page 3 ). Most are incapable of using words of over 2 sylables ( foot-ball, mon-go, rooo-knee, ga-zza, lar-gah, be'-kham ) the only exception being their legendary spiritual home, the mythical Ing-Gerr-Laaaand. Each tribe slavishly worshipping a tribal god-icon and it's associated 12 warrior- heroes,or 'Teeems. Usually, these tribes are blood enemies ( Chel-see tribe strong, kill Ars-nal tribe, ug! ) , fighting vicious battles over the ritualised tribal war carried out by the Teeems These battles invariably end up in local human population centres being damaged ( 'Mongo's Teeem is lose, Mongo smash up town, ug!' or, conversely 'Mongo's Teeem is win, Mongo smash up town, ug!' )
Every 4 years however, the tribes of Ing Gerr-Laaaand come together for a month-long frenzy of obsessive stupidity.
Thanks the goddess it only happens every 4 years.
At the mention of the sacred word 'football' the assembled primitives began to hoot and beat their chests excitedly, this soon resulted in the entire town centre being destroyed.
by Kynth November 30, 2011

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