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1. American football- Contact sport played with 11 players on each side. Requires speed and upper body strength. But plays are brief, not requiring a lot of endurance
2. What Americans call soccer, requires leg strength and endurance. BUT! rarely requires any upper body strenght.
just sayin'
they are two different sports with different supporters.
They shouldn't really be compared, as football is a contact sport and requires hands, while soccer doesn't let you use your hands and is not a contact sport
Average hater of American football on UrbanDictionary: "Football" is full of pussy gay faggots that like to hump each other and call it a sport.
Rational person: Two things are keeping me from actually listening to what you say:
1. Your Homophobia amazes me
2. You've probably never played the sport, so STFU
by hatersgonhate February 22, 2011

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