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1. A collection of plays for each particular team. The term is most common in the game American Football. The playbook is usually very long and some plays very complex. Each player must memorize every play that he might ever be told to execute. May also be used in basketball, hockey, soccer, or any other large team sport.
2. The book filled with activation codes and locations for each nuclear warhead in the country. It is stored in a briefcase called the football.
1. The Redskins' playbook is usually long and complex, with one or two trick plays included.

2. The President flipped through the playbook to see which warhead should be launched if necessary.
by Trem April 01, 2007
The briefcase that contains activation codes and locations to every nuclear warhead in the country. It travels with the President at all times, and a warhead can be activated from the football. The codes are organized by chapter in the playbook. If you look in the background of any picture of the President after 1945, you will see a Secret Service agent holding the football.
It was agent Robinson's duty to keep track of the football. He was ordered to be prepared to give his life to protect it.
by Trem April 01, 2007

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