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when one needs to shit!
"mum, i need a foof"
"im gunna foof myself in a minute!!"
by Alice-May + Lauren August 20, 2003
When you get the shit blown out of you with a shotgun, or shotgun-like firearm.
-"Did you see that guy get foofed"?
-"Yeah, his head was 30 feet away from his body."
by Closet Foofer I August 31, 2008
a foofs is a word to describe a super fat dog.
the dog was looking really foofs the other night so it got a haircut.
by bubble12345678910987654321 June 11, 2008
When someone is being a tool, dork, or just plain stoopid!
Gertrude: Hey, Wazza look at Jimbo, he has a mullet.

Wazza and Gertrude look at eachother and say simultanously.... Foof!
by heidi p March 15, 2006
FOOF: Flip Off Old People
An acronym that means to flip off or give the middle finger to elderly people.

An activity invented in B.C. Canada by Kenny Phoenix and his friend Dustin. "Organized Sport" status pending.
Dustin and Kenny went foofing in White Rock.
by Kenny Phoenix November 06, 2006
Someone u don't like and want to punch or pee on
Nicole is such a stubid whore. I hate that biatch
by Lily November 03, 2003