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the thing I use to say, when I don't know the word in english!
ahhh...hmmmmm how do you say that....foof....
by jeam April 06, 2005
A high level of hyperness, but not nearly as high as wadoo. Someone experiencing foof will get muscle contractions and may be very fidgity.
Ya, so one day I was just typing to someone and all of a sudden I staaAAARTTEDDDDDDD WOO WOO WOO AAHHH FOOFING!
by Milamoe November 23, 2004
The act of making all of one's hair stand on end. Generally used by furries.
Be nice to me or I'll foof you, you nasty bunny.
by That Guy September 23, 2004
Overly made-up high-school-age girls attempting to dress and/or act older than they actually are. Common identifying marks include:

1. Excessive hairspray/perfume
2. Skanky clothing
3. Appearance of maturity which immediately dissolves when she opens her mouth.
That mall is overrun with foof.
by Ae;rog August 08, 2003
Someone who acts really gay, A Full on Poof
"whoa check out that dude over there, he dresses like such a foof"
by i h a v e a m a s s i v e 1 September 22, 2008
A unique form of masturbation
Mmmmmm.... god.... I love this new way of foofing....

Do you foof?

Have you ever foofed before? It's so great!
by DezTheLez April 18, 2003
A word used at the verge of an orgasim.
uh, uh, ride my big cock, i AM THE GOD OF SEX.............Fooof!
by Perry June 08, 2004