A fat woman who has big breasts caused by excessive fat.
"Look at those two, it's sad how he is only drooling over her Foobs."
by 1Mexican2Princess5 March 11, 2014
FAKE breasts + where real BOOBS should be = Foobs
Ah, check out the nice foobs on her.
Man those foobs are nasty, hope she got a refund.
by marianne&ginger January 11, 2009
A foolish noob.
Joe - Did you see that guy on MW2 last night fall off a cliff?
Mike - What a foob.
by Robertus May 19, 2010
What we double mastectomy/reconstruction gals call our boobs. Completely fake boobs=Foobs
"Her foob job is BAD"

"I can't feel my foobs"
by Goodgertie March 07, 2010
Boobs made from fat

Fake Boobs
Random Guy #1: Ew, did you dee Caroline's boobs?
Random Guy #2: What boobs? ... Oh, you mean the foobs?
Random Guy #1: Yeah, that's it...

Woah! Check out Sophia's Foobs! O.o
by Ladida-I-Am-Sooo-Bored October 07, 2009
a fat Person's boobs. Male or female and are only fat not actual breast tissue.
Jordan had very big foobs and loooked quite strange.
by salty rikerdson III June 10, 2014
Arrived from the words 'fat and 'boobs'. It is the breasts of a young girl who doesn't really have big breasts they are just fat on their chest. Only girls can have foobs not boys.
"Jessie you have massive foobs!" Ben said.
by Big lister. November 15, 2012

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