a kid who plays video games, that is not only a fucking noob but a faggot too. Usually uses the grenade launcher in Call of Duty, or camps the whole game using a fucking sniper rifle in battlefield bad company 2 in a game of rush.
Okay thats just great, everyone in my squad is dead except for the sniper guy whos all the way at our spawn, so now i have to fucking waste 10 minutes of my life just getting to where the battle is happening, what a foob!!!
by Schmuck Bag August 02, 2010
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A completely made up slang term that has never ever been used by any living human being other than Lynn Johnston in her horrible comic strip, For Better of For Worse. It is supposedly a hybrid of the word fool and boob.
April Patterson: "You're such a foob, mom!"
Ellie Patterson: "Well, you were an accident."
April Patterson: ::Stunned silence::
by PreMed January 23, 2007
Term popularized by breast cancer patients to mean former, future, or fake boobs. Often used during the various stages of reconstruction after mastectomy.
"It's been four weeks since surgery and my foobs are still really itchy."
by Funambulator November 02, 2007
Fake Boobs. Boobs that have undergone surgical enhancement, and are no longer real.
That chick has foobs
by Roxtor July 18, 2005
Noun: fool, boob, specifically a cross between a fool and a boob.
"That joe is a complete foob."
by James J. Mitchell August 31, 2006
Referring to fat boobs.
If you loose some weight your foobs could definetly go from a D cup to a B cup.
by zman7 October 03, 2010
Meaning fake breasts. Coming from the slang word boobs. When a woman pays good money to have there breasts enlarged, or put into shape.
People might say, "oh that jordan, yeah foobs"
Or finally admitting to your partner that yo have foobs.
Also, "foobs cost way to much nowa days. When I got foobs...".
by Urban Dictionary January 13, 2006
When a woman's breasts sweat so profusely that they begin to smell like feet.
Damn, Amy got some foobs.
by botts007 June 13, 2010

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