Verb. Used among some ebay sellers as a method to ship coffee mugs. First the mug is wrapped in tissue, then padded in bubblewrap, then boxed and placed inside a USPS padded priority flat rate mailer.
I fomo'd the mug, so it cost about six dollars less to ship.
#fomo #fomo'd #usps #ebay #ship
by Ebaysive Poster March 10, 2014
fake homo
remember that time you sucked my dick? Yeah, it was so fomo.
#fomo #bromo #fake homo #gaymo #bummo
by lolsen September 20, 2013
fear of missing out
Haleigh was really upset when her friends went to the game without her cause she has big time FOMO.
#fear #don't leave #missing out #can't be there #fear of missing out
by bobthebldr313 October 03, 2009
Originating in 1994, the "Feast of Maximum Occupancy" is an annual gathering held in the city of Richmond Heights, Missouri between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day, or on the nearest Saturday to St. Patrick's Day. The stated goal is to gather as many persons into the building as possible, hence "maximum occupancy", though it is believed the event originated as a celebration of achieving maximum roommate occupancy and hence lowering rent payments to the smallest possible amount.
Hey, FOMO is this Saturday, let's go!
#party #celebration #event #gathering #annual
by Lisa Mestel March 17, 2006
Pronunciation (rhymes with homo); pop culture acronym: an individual who is obsessed with all aspects of emerging cellular phone technology esp. Blackberry and I-Phone, slang- a phone geek that unlocks or hacks cell phones and PDA's.
John is a true FOMO, he has the new I-Phone app before it's even available.
#geek #nerd #it #cellphone #balckberry #i-phone #pda
by gp1069 September 14, 2009
1) A fake homosexual - someone who carries certain affectations or embodies certain personality characteristics and/or behaviors usually associated with male homosexuals.
2) A homosexual male who purposefully enhances his 'image' by adopting behaviors associated with more outrageous 'out' individuals.
Person #1 to affected individual: "You're such a Fomo"
#phomo #homo #homosexual #affectations #faker
by Roma E June 05, 2006
An abbreviation for: "for more information."
FOMO, check out this website.
#info #for more #information #for more information #fo mo
by ar jay April 06, 2006
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