An abbreviated word for the two words of Fucking Homo
A name for a fucking homo
You Fomo!
That Fomo killed me and I was one kill away from a tactical nuke!
by xsteelerd56x November 01, 2011
a fucking homo
dude your a fomo
by dearthda beast September 02, 2010
Contraction for Fucking homo
Dude that guy is such a fomo, watch him touch that guys ass.
by Vj Hunter October 30, 2003
The opposite of "mofo"
The opposite of mofo, come out this isnt hard
You fomo!
You are the dumbest fomo I have ever seen.
by Gil F. October 14, 2002
A female that has male tendencies usually attributed to those that may be referred to by the slang word "homo". Often exhibits slightly masculine tendencies but is not quite a "dyke" and not really gay.
Lelie is such a fomo, she acts like a gay boy but is going out with James.
by InstructorKK September 16, 2009
1. A term used in many gaming communities when someone, or many, are acting or being stupid.

2. Means to be like Nuclear.
You are such a fomo.
by J**zInMyPant November 21, 2009
- A fake homosexual, Man whom tries to score chicks by being sensitive and by dressing very well. also called metrosexual.
Check that fomo in the ribbed turtle neck.
by sketch October 13, 2004

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