Fear Of Missing Out-
(I am the originator of this term back in 2000)
It's true definition is:

To be in one location yet have an overwhelming feeling that something really great is happening elsewhere...

thus you must leave one party to attend another... only to discover that you are still plagued by the fomo at the new location.
Burning Man gives me bad FOMO... actually all festivals do.
#anxiety #impending doom #fear #fantasy #irrational beliefs
by Frankie Norstad October 29, 2010
Usually when your friends are off out, you try to stay in but as they start pre drinking you get fomo and end up going out so you don't miss out on a good night-the zorro's of life get it alot (see zorro)
#fomo #zorro #missing out #go out #night
by agatha cristie October 20, 2013
Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome.
I didn't want to come to this party, but I got FOMOS when everybody else started talking about what a great time they would have.
#fomo #jealousy #envy #peer pressure #friends
by atangren August 11, 2012
Abbreviation for "Fear of missing out."
Justin has FOMO hard. He can't come to see the Chillies tonight coz he couldn't get off work.
#missing out #fear #fomo #miss #out
by StoneColdFox October 08, 2008
'Fraid Of Missing Out
That Yale is so FOMO she texts her pals to see if they forgot to tell her something....
#text #pals #missing #tell #fear
by zuma586 August 20, 2007
"Fear of missing out"
Jonny got the rep for being a fomo, but jake's a bigger one.
by Caius Justinas June 30, 2005
When someone is picking on you for no reason. And they say don't let your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) stop you from leaving this hangout.
You can answer with, "You can just FOMO (Fuck Off Mate Orrite)
#stahp #leave me alone #piss off #oh no you d'n't #how rude
by Inspir4zione March 30, 2015
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