The act of full on making out....
(To make out hard core)
Yo, me and my bf totally fomo'ed last night!!
by Dani Roby December 06, 2004
someone who pretends to be a homosexual for a unexplainable reason but is actually not.

Stands for "Fake-homo"
guy 1: "omg i am a homosexual, i love vagina"

guy 2: "you are a fomo!"
by MarcellJ January 24, 2011
A fucking moron
Tell that FoMo, you have to cook pork before you eat it.
by TrunkJunker June 14, 2009
A Fomo is a glove slapping mofo
hey jonny why dont you fuck off you Fomo.
by joe jackson(mojo jojo) September 25, 2008
A particularly camp person who acts gay but is in actual fact straight. Abbreviation of 'faux-homosexual'.
"That guy in engineering is such a fomo!"
by Jamie Benning August 28, 2007
saying motherfucker without getting in trouble
"gosh you stupid fomo"
...teacher standing near you
by dindizzle February 15, 2005

to call someone a queer or a gay.
"Your a fo'mo faggot"
by ill' skillz December 15, 2004

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