An actual acronym among the mass of Millennial abbreviations--WTF, OMFG, ad nauseum--mistaken as such.

The word fomo (not to be mistaken with its homophone, Faux-mo) stands for “fuck off; move on.” Its lack of semicolon is comparable to other minor details implied—though not included—in the transference of countless other phrases to acronyms. ex: the word “of” in OPEC.

Created as an addition to the lexicon of netspeak, fomo is ideal for a thread in which some twatrot insists on saying the same thing with slightly different phrasing under the auspices that this time s/he’ll make everyone else “see the light.” A mod or community member who’s had enough might chime in ‘”Dude, we all heard you. Feel free to fomo. Matter of fact, I insist.’

However, the inception of fomo came about in direct response to some Millennials with the attention span of gnats, who—despite the fact they’ve never read an entire book in their lives—still feel the inherent need to exert the time and energy to snark that a 5-paragraph post was tl; dr.
(via chat):

‘Fecking shit. I spent all morning writing a blog just to log-in tonight and find four lame-ass comments in response!’

‘dang, maing. 4 cmnts means u affected 4 ppl. imagine how I feel 2 get cero?’

‘Yeah, well imagine how *I* feel when all four say ‘tl;dr’?’

‘worrrrrst. it's like, whyd they feel the need 2 tell u that? bitches need to just fomo—and fast.’

‘Agreed. I don’t have to stop some author in his tracks and go, ‘Hey, I didn’t read your book.’


‘O.K. You can speak in English now…”
by clintcatalyst July 10, 2008
Verb. Used among some ebay sellers as a method to ship coffee mugs. First the mug is wrapped in tissue, then padded in bubblewrap, then boxed and placed inside a USPS padded priority flat rate mailer.
I fomo'd the mug, so it cost about six dollars less to ship.
by Ebaysive Poster March 10, 2014
Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome.
I didn't want to come to this party, but I got FOMOS when everybody else started talking about what a great time they would have.
by atangren August 11, 2012
Abbreviation for "Fear of missing out."
Justin has FOMO hard. He can't come to see the Chillies tonight coz he couldn't get off work.
by StoneColdFox October 08, 2008
'Fraid Of Missing Out
That Yale is so FOMO she texts her pals to see if they forgot to tell her something....
by zuma586 August 20, 2007
"Fear of missing out"
Jonny got the rep for being a fomo, but jake's a bigger one.
by Caius Justinas June 30, 2005
fear of missing out
Haleigh was really upset when her friends went to the game without her cause she has big time FOMO.
by bobthebldr313 October 03, 2009
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