a)The concept of dowding the lily in a lyrical format.


b)A Generic nightmare scenario.


c)A person less desirable than the recognised national average of personalised wellness.
a)Friend, commence with creating an undulating flow of electropathic waves through the cathode ray tube image discharge dispenser at once, i do wish to indulge myself with serial outputs of intellectually devoid entertainment. (Put the TV on)

b)A lad meets a girl at a nightclub. Gets langered. Goes back to hers to thrust his turgor leatherhead between her labial pincers. Towards commencement of semen secretion, he finds that she has placed a funnel up his rectal passage. Upon ecstatic euphoric explosion of ejaculate, he finds he has soiled himself uncontrollably. In shame he goes to the toilet to wash himself, upon returning he finds her on a plastic sheet rubbing the faecal stools into her morally disturbed crevices. (Nightmare scenario)

c)The Leatherhead Barton is fodder.
by Barry Uer and Dirk Wynston June 19, 2008
Top Definition
One who's sole existence is to absorb projectiles
I attract bullets, so I've assumed the role of team fodder.
by Mukuro December 03, 2003
A person treated like a tool meant to die.
"Send the fodders to distract them while we carry our supplies across the river."
by Makamae10 May 09, 2009
Food. Grub. Chow. Cuisine. Edibles. Nosh. Nourishment.
Got any more of that *DELICIOUS* fodder?
by Incognito December 07, 2003
from what i understand, fodder is the term used in pokemon trading communities for useless pokemon caught solely for the purpose of trade for a more valuable pokemon, usually a bidoof.
I'll trade you some legends, i'll take Bidoofs as fodder.
by trainerfh March 16, 2009
or Bantha Fodder. Used to express something foul, as derived from the Star Wars sense.
Also, "bullshit!"; something that is no good, a load of crap or a sketchy place/situation.
An expression.
1: "Mr. Lassiter said the assignment was due today."
2: "That's fodder! He said no such thing!"

"Daawg, this place is pretty fodder...."
by paper snobawlz December 29, 2008
corn meal for livestock
tho fodder is stored in the silo
by snowowl February 14, 2006
Getting a persons name while editing urban dictionary.
Pressing Don't publish for obvious words that don't belong here.

See also:
I don't mind the fodder, for it raises my count for decisions.
by Feildmaster November 20, 2009

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