Getting a persons name while editing urban dictionary.
Pressing Don't publish for obvious words that don't belong here.

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I don't mind the fodder, for it raises my count for decisions.
by Feildmaster November 20, 2009
This orginated from the Newlands Park Kavos Tour 04, in which Mark 'Bertwhistle' Smith, would pull some hideous looking creatures!
He was told he seems to get with rather over weight and strange looking women, normally refered to as whales! Icepole then spoke of Whales feast on to keep healthy (he knows lots of random rubbish)a food chain called FODDER! Hense Mark 'Bertwhistle' Smith is refered to as the fodder hunter, is search of emense Whales, that would gladdly take a bite of him!

Fodder: overweight women, with not much going for them!
Oi Bertwhistle check out that FODDER over there. Can you smell the FODDER (sniff sniff), get your harpoon gun out, thats gonna take some bringing down!
by Mark 'Bertwhislte' Smith October 04, 2004
used with another descriptive word to describe something capable of producing an action or an emotion
Hitting my hand with a hammer was rage fodder.

That roller coaster ride was buzz fodder.
by Jub_McGuff October 09, 2003
A term that originated in the Star Wars movies as "Bantha Fodder" which is slang for feces in the star wars universe. It is used by star wars geeks (myself included) in reference to something not worth anything, garbage.
"Hey Pablo, why do you have all these chopped up action figure parts, are you retarded?"

"NO! That's fodder, I can get get at least $1.50 for that on eBay!"
by The_Sauce April 25, 2006
To have a disposable rig
Your power supply is foddered? Oh too bad, pull another one down from the dispenser.
by TWG February 09, 2003
The male parental figure in a person's life.
"Mom can I go the movies tonight?", asked Kym. "I don't know Kym, go ask your Fodder!"
by Kym December 05, 2003
The user of the barney box.
"BARNEY I LOVE YOU!!!" yelled fodder.
by SlowFatGuy December 01, 2003

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