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One who's sole existence is to absorb projectiles
I attract bullets, so I've assumed the role of team fodder.
by Mukuro December 03, 2003
A vampire clan in The Masquerade.
see: tool
see also: fuckstick
"There is no hatred deep enough for those Ventrue fucksticks" -a Brujah
by Mukuro December 03, 2003
1. A zombie character from the fighting game "The Last blade 2" by SNK who's name in kanji litteraly means 'courpse.'

2. A name in an FPS reserved for fodder.
1. "B-b-blood is best" -Mukuro

2. "Mukuro, would it kill you to stop walking into their bullets?" -a frustrated Day of Defeat player
by Mukuro December 03, 2003

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