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Kym's are normally really hot woman. They have smoking bodies and are drop-dread gorgeous. They are also very sweet, and make amazingly supportive, perfect girlfriends, not to mention a hot body! They are completely adorable, but often get mistreated or understood by men. There hot body often make them very attractive, and most are blonde and complete sweeties.

All boys want a kym, because they are are so fucking sexy.
boy: Kym is looking really hot today

Boy: Poor kym she's so sweet, but she ended up with a jerk
by secretstranger June 18, 2009
A Kym is an absolutely beautiful, sexy, stunning laid back girl. She has a smile that can light up a room. The best girl friend ever! She is flawless. She is beautiful all the way around. The girl thats one of the guys. Feels things so deeply. She has the biggest HEART! Everybody loves a KYM. Most beautiful human being on the planet. The girl full of beauty and wonder. The girl who is not afraid of an adventure. The girl that can make you laugh. Very smart and sexy! the kind of girl you want to marry.
Everybody wants her she must be a KYM!
by Jessilyn September 28, 2010
keep your mouth shut

Shut the fuck up mother fucker, and keep your mouth shut!
by EvilAngryPissedOffBoy December 11, 2006
Keep your mouth shut
KYMS or the feds will catch us, do you understand? I can't go to prison!
by Mari Mari December 11, 2009
The male verson of the HOT female kym. Sensertive, understanding, caring. An all round good guy.
Kym is the type of guy every women wants to marry. Not the bad boy who always breaks your heart but the guy who sticks around for the 'till death do us part' bit...
by miss3s June 27, 2010
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