The way they say "fuck" in a porn.
by BoywithDick July 26, 2009
A term, originating in the northeast region, meaning fake cock. This device can also double as a urine transportation apparatus, holding and excreitng (clean) urine as needed.
Vincent Chase wore a fock to ensure he passed his drug test.
by lf0687 August 23, 2011
To pathetically stalk someones facebook profile. Facebook stalking = Focking
-I was Focking her all night.

-I want to fock that kid when I'm at my resident address on my computer device.

-He keeps focking my mom.
by Garrett McBadass January 13, 2011
To prance slyly while having your mouth squeezed tightly so it looks like a cats arsehole
Focks it Up Dude , Focks it Up
by Cally Star May 18, 2006
To stalk on Facebook. Facebook+stalk= Fock.
I focked your mom last night. It was good.
by AllIWanted January 25, 2011
Fock off, you Oirish cont!!!
Fockin focker's focking focked.
by notapaki September 02, 2003
To cuddle or snuggle with some chick with no hope of getting laid.
Kevin bailed on us to go hang out and fock with his new girlfriend.
by Cid April 30, 2003

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