To cuddle or snuggle with some chick with no hope of getting laid.
Kevin bailed on us to go hang out and fock with his new girlfriend.
by Cid April 30, 2003
expression used by jay, becuase his mom would beat his ass if she ever saw the word "fuck" on the computer screen
i focked a girl saturday and she focking bled out of her vagina. fock!

im really really sorry about everything, and im sorry i thought u had hiv... badd..
by vectrex April 22, 2003
Icelandic way of expressing the word fuck and all variations on the word in English.
These focking fockers are focked. When will they learn to fock? Exactly
by Boo Williams December 07, 2003
A poor mans fuck. Usually used by people who have had a bad education and like to fight with people for no apparant reason- see chavvy
come here you focking gillie
by Jonny Weldon January 12, 2004
Yea dude ! it was the funniest thing ha ha ha
oops you did it again, and now its on my dick.
by vectrex June 18, 2003
no way!
did you really fock some girl and she bled out of her vigina and then accuse her of having hiv!?!? this shit is wild!
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
To fork a software codebase and repurpose it, in a way that has little regard for maintainability and often with lower quality compared to the original. In other words: a f*cked fork. Similar to a hack
NoSoSmartDeskWithThreeCircularDrawers was focked from SmartDesk which has since been abandoned by the creator. Good luck figuring out if the bug came from the original codebase, or was introduced somewhere in the fock!
by prusswan March 24, 2016
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