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- You speak perfect English and you are fluent in your native language
- You have Asian friends as well as non-Asian friends
- You listen to Asian pop as well as American music
- You are equally aware of both popular American culture and Asian pop culture
- You are a good dancer
- You date Asian by choice even though you could rock the opposite sex of any other race
- You are a good designer and have superior Html skills
- You have an Apt107 page AND an AA page and the guest books in both are packed
- For you, FOB stands for Fabulous Oriental Being
- You have lots of Asian pride
that guy is fobulous
by YONGSUN July 27, 2004
A compliment given to the attire of your recent immigrant (FOB= Fresh Off the Boat) friends.
"Why Sameer, those sandals you have on are just FOBulous!"
by Mario140 June 27, 2006
When your FOBULOUS that means that you have far surpassed the normal limits of what a FOB is, although you are still well liked. You see being FOBULOUS is a compliment. Hell if your gonna be a fob you might as well try to fully BE YOUR INNER FOB to the max. When your a FOBULOUS, You are now such a fob that simply stating you are a FOB isnt enough. Your eat, breath, and sleep FOB. You are THE FOB of all FOBS. Your FOBULOUS son!
Omg Rahul your fobulous!
by imsmartbelieveme orelse March 04, 2005
Fobulous - Description for Fobbit ( or one who never leaves the confines of a military post while serving in a combat zone ).

An adjective used to describe a geardo (one who buys one of every tactical clothing, weapon accessory, molle pouch, or other items in the px as long as it states Spec Ops, Blackwater, or Special Forces even though the items purchased will never be used outside of the fob)
Examples -
Sgt Snuffy is looking absolutely fobulous in all of the new combat gear that he bought at the PX.

The offices at the base are absolutely fobulous
by tripwire19d October 13, 2010
Anything to do with Fall Out Boy that's 'fabulous'- best used sarcasticly.
FOB fan: 'OMG! I'm getting a Fall Out Boy t-shirt! Yaay!'

Sarcstic person who doesn't like Fall Out Boy: 'FOBulous'
by Cute isn't what I aim for August 20, 2009
Adjective meaning amazingly "foby" or amazingly Desi.
"Wow, his clothes are so fobulous... let's get out of here." (Note: This is NOT a homosexual comment.)
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
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