When you are cut off from the trail snowboarding and CRASH! into a tree.
At Dodge Ridge Odis cut Megan off the trail and she did a flying squirrel into a pine tree.
by Odis DeHart February 28, 2007
you perform a flying squirrel by stretching out your scrotum upwards over your penis, and just let the head of your penis show. you pinch the bottom of the scrotum on either side with your thumbs and forefingers (carefully, please!) and pull it upwards. Your balls form the squirrel's back legs, and your pinched ends form the front legs. The membrane of your scrotum resembles the flaps of the majestic flying squirrel. The head of the penis is the head of the squirrel, of course.!
"The majestic flying squirrel is a glorius creature indeed, and quite a stunt to pull off, as it were."
by Laurabelleblue August 28, 2006
n. 1. A type of dive in swimming in which a person grabs his or her ankles in mid-air while at a steep angle
I performed a flying squirrel dive at the community pool.
by Anonymous4 July 18, 2006
lay the diry whore on your bed jump off a counter with your legs extended and arms out then jump on the bitch and start poundin on her vagina then nibble on her tits like its nuts
I gave the bitch the flying squirrel broke her bed though.
by Sosa69 February 04, 2008
An issult, similar to a moon, but done with the scrotum. A person grabs his scrotum at to spots near the bottom, pulls his sack flat, and starts flying around.
Brett dropped his pants and gave the bitch da flying squirrel.
by Hang Low Saxon January 12, 2004
When mooning from a car tuck your junk so that your squirrel is flapping in the wind
David was injured when his flying squirrel took flight
by Pooder November 26, 2005
When your left testicle is stuck to the inside of your left inner thigh and your right testicle is stuck to the inside of your right inner thigh. As a result your testicles resembles the image of a flying squirrel's arms spread far apart with your scrotum and its skin being the skin on the flying squirrel's arms that droops down.
This happens often when you have been sitting down for a long time (like on an airplane or cramped bus/car) and your thighs, testicles, and scrotum start sweating and since you're so cramped and your legs aren't spread far apart, they adhesively stick to both thighs.
Person 1: Wow we've been sitting on this bus for 8 hours.
Person 2: Yeah both of my testicles are sticking to my thighs.

Person 1: Yeah me too, I've got the worst flying squirrel right now.
Person 2: Yeah I wish I could stand up and pry my testicles/scrotum off my thighs.
by yallreadyknowduke April 06, 2015

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