cool; popular; hip-awesome
Jon is a very FLY kid.
by Da Monster April 23, 2009
1. clever, alert

2. to succeed

3. to run of travel fast

4. the opening at the top of one's pants
To think he was fly yet he and failed to fly. It's ironic.
by The Return of Light Joker May 20, 2008
f.l.y- fucking love you

ly- love you
Kathy says: i FLY!
Jeff says: me too, ly too.
by Anonymous #3 October 13, 2007
The state of being balla. Balla can be defined how ever you would like it making the definition of fly vary.
Thats a pretty fly person.
by smoningi October 08, 2007
GENERAL:to think something is cool
looking at it in a positive light
Do you like my outfit?
Yeh its totally fly
by Nina Bahadori August 24, 2007
a. Fuck it.
b. Live life for the moment.
c. Be easy.
d. Kick off your and quite possibly relax your sox.
e. Let it go.
Fly can be found in the following words:

"ill (amounts)"
by Ksilllv March 19, 2007
something that is new, hot, sylish, or cute, used mostly in reference to clothing or accesories
Those shoes are fyl, where can I buy them?
by MEGAN March 22, 2005

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