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Unfounded or ludicrouse beliefs
Belief in talking to the dead, belief in telikenesis, in fact any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.
by Russell January 14, 2003
extraordinary beliefs for which it is felt there is insufficient extraordinary evidence, and people who hold those beliefs.
The date was going fine, then she started to talk about taking her cat to her Pet Psychic for an aura adjustment. Just a bit woo woo for me.
by Daikenn February 03, 2007
(see also woowoo) adj. descriptive of an event or person espousing New Age theories such as energy work, crystal magic, Reiki, bizarrely restrictive diets, or supernatural/paranormal/psychic occurrences; often has studied in an authentic religious tradition such as Hinduism or Zen Buddhism, but now practices an Eastern-influenced yet severely watered-down and Westernized pseudo-mysticism; can also be a synonym for sketchy, probably because Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, AZ, self-proclaimed woo-woo capitals of the world, also have a large and skeptical rock climbing population
She's so woo-woo she put a rose quartz crystal and Bach Flower Essences in her cat's water dish.

That yoga retreat looks completely woo-woo to me.
by Jennifer Lowe October 01, 2005
The sound the whistle tip makes.
"Its dat woo woo, no what im sayin? Den you got da flows, aint dat trippy out da flowmastas and shit" "We do it fo da dekarayshunz man. Dats it and dats all man, fo dekarayshunz." "You posed be up cookin brehfast fo somebody, its like an alarm clock- woo woo!"
by Mike April 17, 2003
Sound that whistle tips (in mufflers) make, as exhibited by Oakland resident Bubb Rubb.
"This whislte goes Wooo!"
"like woo wooooOO!"
by souplogic July 15, 2003
Gullible people. People who believe any conspiracy theory with bad proof. Also used to refer to the religious, esp. Christian Apologists.
"What is that woo-woo talking about now!"
by Nick January 30, 2004
Paranoid conspiracy theorist.
"The moon landings were faked, and my tinfoil hat protects me from mind-controlling flu shots!!!" screamed the woowoo.
by pau December 10, 2003
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