the bestest best member(s) of the marching band. short for "flute player"
The fluties kick major ass!
by flutie January 13, 2004
Top Definition
poor person who barely gets by day to day
I blew all my money on weed, now I got to flutie through the week till I get paid.
by Chris Flutie July 08, 2005
doing all the hard work until the peak and pivotal moment of success, at which time the rug us pulled out from under you and someone else is inserted in your position. Sometimes receiving your glory, but more often, failing miserably.

A reference to Doug Flutie's career in the NFL.
I heard they pulled a flutie on you man. You worked so hard on that presentation, and the sales promotion was such a success and then to let that lazy suck up move right in and take over the division. Now that division is in trouble.

Yep, they flutied me, they fukin flutied me!
by robobear October 09, 2014
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