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The name of a really soft, lovely teddybear given to someone by someone that really loves them.

Usually a Me to You bear.
Babygirl says:
*omg omg omg i love you i love you i love youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Babygirl says:
*i woke up a minute ago..
*and walked into the bathroom..
*then on the way back i notice this thing outside my bedroom door:P
*so i picked up and was all OOooooOOOo
*then i opend it and i was all...
*Awww I Love Him :D
*Hes just fluffles :D
by -Myk- February 20, 2010
7 6
Think of something that is
a) Affectionate
and b) Non-sexual.

Whatever you think of, is what a fluffle is - it's different for every person.

One of the more common interpretations is hugging someone and ruffling their hair.
* Cameron fluffles Kate - Hi there!

* Cameron gives Kate a good fluffling.
by Cameron September 14, 2004
100 15
An IRC/IM emote term representing a playful, non-sexual sign of affection.

The usual physical analogy is a ruffling of someone's hair, though in the medium of text-based electronic communication, the term does not require physical form and remains equally valid as an abstraction.

Indeed, at the very highest level of abstraction, a fluffle not only need not have a physical analogue, but need not be directed at a specific individual. Used in this way (3), fluffling becomes a general outward radiation of affection.
1) * Tactical_Grace fluffles Unfree

2) Random_Player > Fluffles to all :)

3) * Unfree fluffles
by Tactical Grace June 11, 2005
47 13
A sign of affection over the internet. Like you're fluffling a pillow.
* synth fluffles Spudman
by synth March 25, 2004
52 21
An IRC/online term of endearment and/or teasing
/me fluffles Seamie and skips off happily
by SyxPak March 02, 2004
29 12
A random mixture of hugging, cuddling and cadoodling. A friendly gesture of love.
Chris *fluffles* Alex
by Bulls July 30, 2003
33 16
Love, Hugs and Kisses all wrapped up in one word. Used to show affection to a person you like.
Kim gave her bartender lots of fluffles as she left the bar for the night.
by Kimberly Otwell April 12, 2007
25 9
Really hardcore.
Just extreme.
Man you are totally fluffles.
(meaning) Man you are extreme in a fluffy kinda cute way.
by Flufflesthepancake April 05, 2009
28 13