street language, not used by educated people in real life.
"Man, you be flossin on your way back to your homeland in Africa"
by Marvelous August 19, 2006
Top Definition
showing off an object in which usually posesses great value
flossin my grill like a dentist
by TZA May 30, 2003
Rolling in a fine ride with the general
intent to enjoy ostenstation, prestige.
Once my Brabus dubs show up, I'll be
flossin' with the S class like it ain't
no thang.
by T.D. January 20, 2003
Showing off your goods, ice, bling, clothing... etc.
You know I look good, I be straight flossin.
by Tia23 January 08, 2006
1. To drive around in a nice car with the top down.
2. Generally living large; living life well.
3. That sexy activity endorsed by dental hygienists and other anal-retentive folk.
by zooa November 03, 2003
showing off. stuntin'.

comes from the imagery of showing off your grill. you bare your teeth as if you were in front of a mirror flossing. thus showing off your grill came to be known as flossing and flossing came to mean showing off in general
go listen to some rap, youll hear an example of someone using flossin sooner or later
by mike mike mike jones April 20, 2008
ostentatiously displaying your valuable gear
"I was flossin'this weekend in my new Escalade with its phat-ass rims."
by isabel April 11, 2003
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