Sporting mad flava.
Playaz be pimpin' and mad flossin' when dey be clubbin'.
by Troy October 29, 2002
N.London slang for going
Oi Blad u flossin down park tonight?
Where you flossin with my hoe?
I was flossin down da road when da feds stopped me and shoved a stick up my batty
by Zella March 13, 2005
Flossin is a word used by boogie mane, frayser boy, and crunchy black meaning pimpin...chuch
mane we always pimp these hoes from the metro ya dig.
by MATT BLAIR BITCH August 20, 2005
The act of using dental floss.
I'm flossin with mint flavored floss.
by Adam January 12, 2005
mathcing extremely well.
You gotta learn how to floss like a mothafuckin boss.
"damn fool hes flossin with his new fit."
by Sav C July 11, 2006
1)straight up gangsta
2)straight pimpin
that car is flossin dude!
by random hero February 19, 2003
ridin in a pimped out ride wit those THIN tires...thin like floss...thats why you be flossin yo!!!
You see me flossin down the boulevard and wish you were me.
by be bop December 28, 2005

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