When you're getting head and your pubes floss the teeth of the girl.
"Yo check out these food particles in my fuckin' ball fro, musta been flossin' last night."
by BHuns March 05, 2009
Street slang for a chick wearing a Thong or G-string.
I love it when she be Flossin!!!
by justcallmebigpapa June 03, 2011
someone who has on nice shit
this niggas flossin
by blackchildh April 29, 2009
A sexual practice in which the female in the relationship flosses her front tooth with her boyfriends/husbands pubic hair after oral sex. Past tense: flossed
Joe: dude so my girl gave me some head last night and when she was done she pulled out a pube and started flossin!
Shmo: What that's crazy your girl flossed with you last night?!
(Pretty girls walk by)
Shmo: Hey ladies, have you flossed lately?
by djgmoney November 20, 2008
referring to a girl that's ready for sex. can be used derogatorily by another girl or eagerly by a boy. either way, you're basically a whore (i'm not saying it's a bad thing).
damn girl, you flossin'
by "rico" February 19, 2007
verb - To take care of yourself well, and keep yourself clean. To never be dirty, stinky, or with stains. Often misunderstood for the word Ballin, which is completely different.
Amber: Dang, Richard is flossin', he just stays so fresh!

Brittany: Yeah, he keeps what he has fresh, but he doesn't have much. He's not a baller, or anything. Come on.

Amber: Yeah, but I've seen some ballers that are not fresh at all. Dirty ass ballers. Come on, now.
by Cassandra Q March 15, 2010
Originating from New England, it is a term describing something that is hip, trendy, stunning or cool.
Those brand new shades you got on, they are flossin'!
by HellzBelz November 02, 2009

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