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When you "floss" something you show it for other ppl, often the other sex.
I'm flossin my Ice so i can bang that babe
by Kazi May 01, 2002
A benz is a Mercedes-Benz, a fine german car
My benz has 22" twinkies on it!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
A R/C car is a radio controlled car, which you can race with tohers
I just raced my R/C car with my friend!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
A idiot who thinks he can say whatever he wants to you
I just scratched the whole side of my boss benz, that idiot thinks he can do whatever he wants!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
Another word for "COOL" mad up by drifters
That's a kewl car!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
a drifter is a guy who drifts his car
Look, there he his, the drifter with his AE86
by Kazi May 01, 2002
A car that a pimp rides, often with dubz on it.
My pimpmobile is on service
by Kazi May 01, 2002

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