A word used to describe someone who falls over on purpose in sport to get a foul,freekick,or wateva. mostly happens in soccer.
me: geez did u see that guy flop.how gay was that!

gay soccer fan: oh nice play old chap. great strategy.
by jed_dnuggets June 09, 2007
haircut that looks similar to a mohawk, having the head shaved on the sides. Unlike the mohawk, the flop has more hair in the middle. It is usually parted to only one side.
one of Manson's many haircuts is the flop, he guitarists have had it too.
by Stoned in Wonderland February 10, 2006
(v) to excrement
"Hey, don't step in the horse flop..."
by www.brandedbetter.com March 08, 2005
Random people staying in your room/house/apartment that you may or may not know, but you most certainly did not invite them to sleep.
Why the hell are there so many flops in here?!?!
by Denki December 13, 2003
1. a feeling of total and utter uslessness. 2. one step below depression, in that you don't even feel bad, you just don't care about anything.
I'm so flop I don't even want to write anything more here.
by Colonel Krackers March 13, 2003
A person who goes to the car dealership but has no idea on how to buy a car, it turn they pay full sticker and get their head tore off
Clint went to the Chevy dealership Saturday and the Salesman Jeff ripped off his head and bragged about the big flop to the other vultures. Now Clint owes $20,000 on a $10,000 Cobalt.
by Freckman February 02, 2007
multi Purpose word that can be used for practically everything
guy 1: dude do you want to flop out
guy 2: yeha lets flop out and get some flopin mtn dew
by emokiller666 May 03, 2005

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