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A turd propelled by a fart used as a projectile generally aimed at the face; variations of a flog are a Yellow Submarine a flog containing corn a Planter a flog containing one ore more peanutsor a Green Giant a flog that has a Green color and has a slight splatter effect
I will flog you right now if you don't shut up.
by The Tim and The Nick February 28, 2005
short for "foto-log" or "fotolog". if a blog it's a place when you express yourself through words, a flog it's a place where you express yourself through images (with a caption). one of its features it's that people can sign you below the aforementioned caption, turning the flogs in a sort of instant forum. very popular in south america, oftenly used by so-called goths, cam whores, and other minorities. some floggers use their flog as a shrine to their ego.

the most obvious purpose of the flogs is to put up photos, but the majority of people who use flogs (which it's different from floggers) don't even own a digital camera or a scanner. the major source of the images uploaded it's google+paintbrush or print screen+paintbrush
1. shit, i bite my tongue. i'm gonna take a picture of it and upload it to my flog it later.

2. funny. the movie i'm downloading got stuck at 666666. i'll take a snapshot and upload it.

3. i'm googling for ****** pics, so i can make a collage with them and upload it.
by il Gatto Punx October 02, 2005