to hit with a hacky sack after one self serves.
bob served the hack to himself, thus sally flogged him.
by deadlywhispers27 December 07, 2005
to shoplift
she flogged a pair of sunnies and a $30 anklet
by sum1 April 29, 2003
Family Blog. Subjecting your extended network of friends and loved ones to a daily blow-by-blow of minutiae of developments with your children. As in "to flog" them.
Did you read in my flog today about little Billy smiling after eating his green beans!?

Dear, did you remember to flog Mandi and Felipe?
by Josh Sklar May 06, 2008
Noun, Musical term.

Style of music or playing technique akin to nu-metal, which includes (but is not restricted to): bashing on down-tuned guitars, playing overly simple stuff with overly expensive music gears provided by the band's label, trying unsuccessfully to render hip stage presence by the use of costumes, gimmicks, make-up, accessories, or attempting to fake agressivity in one's playing while one live a quiet teenage life in a suburb.

The lyrics of the music where "flog" is applied will more often than not be about a date that didn't worked, a particular event in a teenager's party or other suburban small-talks.

Can also be used as a verb: "to flog".
As a noun - "1992 was the turning point where Metallica started to be a flog band, just like Sum41."

As a noun - "Blink 182 are 'bout to play... geez, smells like floggers already."

As a verb - "Screamed at a teenage kid trying a 7 string guitar in a music store: Can you stop flogging for two bloody seconds??"
by GSH August 06, 2003
A turd propelled by a fart used as a projectile generally aimed at the face; variations of a flog are a Yellow Submarine a flog containing corn a Planter a flog containing one ore more peanutsor a Green Giant a flog that has a Green color and has a slight splatter effect
I will flog you right now if you don't shut up.
by The Tim and The Nick February 28, 2005
To give a customer of a technical support service that you, a technician at the service, are speaking to a suggestion that forces them to discontinue the call and lowers your call time or allows you to leave work, go to lunch, go on break, or talk to friends nearby. (i.e. Format and reinstall, call OEM, do a virus scan and call back, do windows updates, etc.)
"I need to flog this customer so I can go home!"

"I flogged that customer hard!"
by Quake120 June 26, 2004
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