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a term for jock and fratboy types(also often refered to as bros or brobots) who often use the term bro and tend towards hyper masculinity, fraternities, team sports and keg parties.
why did we come to this sports bar? this bar is swarming with idiot brodogs.
by darkmugan October 31, 2006
White male who yearns to be black on the inside, usually wearing a hat with a flat bill, sometimes bearing a sticker that displays the hats size. Wears loose clothing and jerseys and drive cars that Mommy and Daddy bought for them. Usually complete pot heads. Think that there a gangsta when they usually live in rich white suburbs. Usually associate themselves with the brands south pole, SRH, and FUBU
dude, I swear if those bro-dogs sitting behind wont shut the fuck up I'm gonna shove the hat of his so far up his ass tha his nose will bleed
by Tyler Obermeit September 02, 2008
A male who limits his wardrobe to brands such as LRG, Famous Star, SRH, etc. He constantly wears tall black socks with shorts and pierces his ears with black gauges or fake diamond studs. They find little interest in anything other than partying and chewing dip, and prove this by repeating "DGAF, bro" in response to just about everything. A good majority of brodogs feel respected driving cars with lift kits: most commonly Toyota Tacomas.
"Look at that brodog in his new lifted Tacoma"
by the_E August 02, 2009
A male who instead of hanging with his male friends, hangs out with females*

*females as in they all have a boyfriend so the "bro dog" has no chance with any of them

-see man whore
dude Jason's such a bro dog. he'd rather go to the movies with those bitchy girls than go to the skate park with us
by dcw313 September 23, 2009
A chick who you can hang and party with like she was your bro
James: Hey man im going to hang with Pauline this weekend.
Leon: Oh really, what will you guys do?
James: What do you think she's my Bro Dog, we are gonna fuck shit up.
by gentalmansmiley November 08, 2011
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